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Biodegradable plastics

For some products in our catalog (distinguishable by the leaf symbol), production in biodegradable and / or compostable plastics is possible, and therefore with a very low environmental impact.

These materials are the result of continuous research of non-polluting materials.

The mechanical characteristics of the articles remain practically unchanged, while the appearance remains translucent with various coloring possibilities.


Recycled plastic

As an alternative to biodegradable plastics, always remaining within the environmentally sustainable materials, we are able to produce our articles with raw materials from the recycling chain.

All our items are in turn recyclable.
These plastics are produced in Italy and certified by a multinational company.

Pointing to a circular economy, this is the first starting point: it is an achievable goal, while maintaining high quality standards, without additional costs.

The mechanical characteristics of the articles do not change, while the colors available in addition to the Standard Black are the non-glossy Full Colors.

Eco-sustainable materials

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